Tropical Weather

Time 1315 local
Lat N 29° 41.1′
Lon W 77° 49.7′
Nautical miles from Fishing Bay, Deltaville, Virginia : 477.1 Nautical miles to Port Everglades Entrance : 246.4

We continue sailing straight downwind to our destination pushed along by the northeast trade winds. Sailing in the trade winds anywhere in the world means that rain squalls will be around. Usually small and compact areas of rain and wind, during the day they are easily visible on the horizon. At night our radar picks them up. Today we are seeing a few small and relatively weak squalls around. Sometime we can dodge out of their way, other time we just go for the ride and are thankful for the freshwater to rinse some of the salt off the boat.

Up ahead about 150 miles is our only real navigation hazard on the route, Little Bahama Bank, a shallow area of sand and coral extending to the north and west of Grand Bahama Island. Once we leave that to our port side, we again cross the Gulf Stream, and then sail south close along the Florida coast west of the Gulf Stream to Port Everglades Inlet. It looks like we’ll be getting in there at a reasonable hour on Sunday morning.

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