A Year Around.

We are (thankfully!) coming to the end of our time tied to the dock doing projects. As always when we are more or less land bound, it isn’t too long before we are itching to get away and enjoy the quiet and privacy of a more remote anchorage. This is especially true when we are in the boat yard where our time is full of busyness and projects.  It is the very opposite of the kind of “back to nature” experience we try to immerse ourselves in.  Unfortunately, it always seems the last few projects  drag out and are the toughest to bring to conclusion. The last deliveries are on the truck, and I have broken out the cattle prods to urge the last contractors on to finish the things they have underway.

After a year of sailing around the Caribbean and the East Coast of the USA we are within a few feet of where we where last year at this time. It was only when I was updating our online track data that it really hit with me that we had just closed that circle.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 22.20.20

Harmonie’s track for 2017

As we finish the last of our major boat projects, Harmonie is ready for another extended time at sea.  All of our systems are fully functional, and ready to go!

We are in the process of deciding where we go next.  We might explore the eastern Caribbean further than we did last year, or we might touch the coast of Central America and see Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama before transiting the Canal and visiting the Pacific. We don’t have to make a final decision just yet.

A significant input to the decision is the attitude of our insurance company. They have significantly tightened the limitations on boats in hurricane prone areas, not surprising since I am sure they took a beating this past year!


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