Ready! Set! Ready….

We have been hustling along for the past few days getting the last things ready to go.

Karen did a fantastic job getting the decks clean.  Literally on her knees with a scrub brush because as she says, it won’t get this clean again for several months!  The boat looks amazing.

I finished sewing a new storage bag for the dinghy.  It looks and works great.  We have a new sun shade for keeping us cool and comfortable in the tropics that we had a local vendor copy from one he did for another Amel.  It is easy to put up and stow away.  It looks like it is going to make life a lot nicer in the sunnier climates!

Our new batteries from Firefly Energy are installed.  Some new technology on those, we are definitely being the “early adopters” on these.  If they live up to their billing (so far it looks like they will) we will be very happy with them.

Our bow lockers have had their rotted wood replaced, and a bit more inside the chain locker.  It looks great, and is now, quite completely, better than new!

After several weeks of sitting in a boat yard, it seems EVERYTHING on the boat is out of place.  We both spent almost all day yesterday and today putting things away, sorting and stowing. We have our provisions aboard. As far as we know everything is working, and we are ready to go.  In the morning we have to get some paperwork completed at the office, return our rental car, and we are off!

Our destination is about 24 hours away, Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys.  We’ll be visiting friends there, and then heading over to the Bahamas for Christmas.

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