Holiday Interruption…

We had expected that the package of mail from our forwarding service would have arrived today,  so we could get out of Dodge before the New Year, but somehow in the post-Christmas rush (is there such a thing?) delivery of our package got held up a day. Which, because of the holiday weekend, actually means 4 days. It won’t be available to us until Tuesday afternoon.  Oh well, there are worse places to be stuck for a few days.

So the newly revised plan (weather permitting) is to dart out of here on Wednesday morning and head up toward Bimini to check into the Bahamas for the next phase of our adventure.  That will be a 24 hour run, more or less, moving fast, “downstream” in the Gulf Stream.

In the mean time Key West is keeping us entertained.  Yesterday’s boat fun was rearranging the storage of some heavy items on the boat to see if we can improve our trim a bit.

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