And, We’re Off!

As a huge and fast moving winter storm powers up the frozen Atlantic Coast of the USA, we are getting ready to hop on the back side wind of that same weather system to have a fast and easy ride from Key West to our planned landfall in Bimini, Bahamas.  We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning, and it looks to be a 20 hour trip, more or less.

Looking at the weather reports up and down the East Coast, we are REALLY glad to be far enough south that we are out of the cold.  This evening the US Coast Guard closed the entrance to Chesapeake Bay because of ICE!  They actually had cutters out along the Virginia shore on ice breaking duty.  Geez.  We were actually thinking about how chilly it was going to be on our sail tomorrow.  It might get down to 60ºF overnight!

Here are some pictures from around the island…


Ibis (Ibises? Ibi?) are locally pretty common in open country across a lot of Florida..


Non-native iguanas are very common in all the warmer parts of Florida.  Younger animals and females are green.  The mature males tend to be more flamboyant.


Like the kid in the candy store!  Oh, wait… it IS a candy store!


Interior battlements at Fort Taylor


The parade ground at Fort Tylor


Historic Fort Taylor on the southernmost part of Key West.


The moat around Fort Taylor.

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  1. jdkinney08853 says:

    Trying to accumulate vacation budget funds for a visit. Where do you think you will be in early March and would there be room for Mike if we came on his spring break? Thinking of that side cot? Or too crowded?


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