Beautiful Moraine Cay.

Moraine Cay is one of the great places in the Abacos, although not well known.  It has a tiny (three villa) seasonal resort on it that has not yet opened for the summer season.


One of the villas on Moraine Cay.

It has beautiful beaches on two sides, and a small jetty protecting a small boat dock. It would make a spectacular remote and rustic vacation, and pretty reasonable in cost too.


Karen being a touch nutty!

We walked the trails and beaches and gathered a few coconuts. As nice as it is above the water, the real attraction here is under the water.  Some of the best reefs I have seen anywhere in the Caribbean.  Lots of fish, large and small.  Karen was mentioning that the freezer was getting a bit empty, so I took the dinghy out this morning and caught a couple of tasty mutton snapper.

For anybody seriously interested in fishing, diving, snorkeling, or spearfishing this would be a great place to spend some time.  See the owner’s website:

Of course, this being an apparently healthy aquatic ecosystem, it also has its share of “higher end” predators.  During my morning fishing trip, I was bringing a nice sized bar jack in over the side of the dinghy, when something else much larger–and with teeth–decided to argue with me for possession.  For those of you old enough to remember the original movie Jaws, imagine the scene that includes the line “You’re gonna need a bigger boat!”, just on a slightly smaller scale!

Shark baiting trimmed-1

After that first heart stopping encounter the shark shadowed the dinghy hoping for another opportunity.  It was obvious that I wasn’t likely to get any more fish landed in one piece, so I headed back to Harmonie with what I had so far.

After we cleaned the snapper, we had three of these guys hanging around the boat for most of the afternoon.

We are expecting another bit of “weather” the day after tomorrow, and we need to restock our fresh food bins, so we are going to be heading back toward the Marsh Harbour area tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Beautiful Moraine Cay.

  1. Judy says:

    Yikes but another great photo

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  2. Bill Kinney says:

    Seriously, this place should absolutely top a fisherman’s vacation list! Last year they listed the price as about $200 a night. Split four ways, you could rent a boat and higher a local guide and have a BLAST for a week. If the wives could tolerate a week away from shopping and just hanging out on the totally awesome beach, so much the better!


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