Goodbye to Abaco!

Time: 1320 local
Lat: 26° 20.1’ N
Log: 076° 47.3W

After several weeks bouncing around the Sea of Abaco, and enjoying all the many places we stopped there, we are off exploring again.

We are currently underway headed southeast toward Cat Island, one of the larger “Out Islands” of the Bahamas. It is a bit less settled, and a bit less visited, and the a reputation for great fishing.

Right now we are experiencing the very picture of “smooth sailing.” Deep reaching with reasonably steady 10 knots of wind, 4.5 knots of boat speed, and calm seas. We will be sailing overnight, and coming to an anchorage near our destination in the morning.

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1 Response to Goodbye to Abaco!

  1. James Alton says:

    Bill, The sailing conditions sound delightful! We sailed from the Abacos to Cat Island years back and the difference in the clarity and colour of the water between the two locations was almost a shock. In the Abacos we had many shades of green and the water was often murky. When we reached Cat Island, the greens were gone and everywhere the water was a brilliant blue of varying shades and often crystal clear. We were eaten alive by the sand fleas in Hawksnest creek..beware the mangroves! (grin) James

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