Cat Island

Lat: 24º 33.85’N
Long: 75º 38.84’W
Benett’s Harbor, Cat Island, Bahamas

We are anchored in the lee of Cat Island after a delightful sail down from Abaco.  As we approached through the narrow, but very deep cut of ocean that separates Cat Island from Eleuthera we were treated to the spectacle of a school of tuna feeding with the accompanying cloud of birds:  boobies, frigate birds, tropic birds, assorted terns…  We we a bit pressed for time to get to our anchorage approach before dark, or we would have stayed to see if we could pick off one or two…


Tuna from below, and birds from above, making life very difficult for a bunch of little fish.

We’ll be headed back to the waters between Eleuthera and Cat Island to see what kind of tasty seafood we can bring onboard.

In the meantime we explored some of the tidal creeks here by dinghy.  What can I say?  It is just another one of the string of beautiful places we have had the pleasure of visiting. I was scoping out the creek as a possible place to hunt down some bonefish.  We didn’t see many… (OK, ONE!)


Yes, it really is this pretty. Crowded too…

One downside to this island, is that there are very few places to anchor securely if the wind switches to blow from the west.  That’s not a concern for the next few days at least, but we do need to keep an eye on the forecasts.


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