Uneventful days at sea

Time 1900 local
Lat N 27° 50.4’
Lon W 77° 10.0′
Nautical miles from Cape Eleuthera Marina, Bahamas: 186
Nautical miles to Norfolk Harbor, Virginia: 549

We are churning out the miles at a reasonable pace in delightful weather as we slowly settle into a routine of keeping the boat moving. Today was hot, bright, and sunny and we are sailing pretty much downwind, so breeze on deck is light. Below decks when we are closed up for sailing can be pretty stuffy. Fortunately, things cool off nicely as the sun sets.

The ocean is calm, winds off our quarter at 12 knots, and the water is that indescribable color of the deep ocean. Our most exciting wildlife setting came late last night as the setting moon cast a shimmering reflection on the water. A large pod of dolphins jumping clear of the water was silhouetted against the silver glow.

Sailing in the This part of the ocean there is so much floating weed I haven’t tried trolling lines yet. Maybe tomorrow!

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