A slow crawl

Time 0830 local
Lat N 29° 58.9’
Lon W 77° 10.0′
Nautical miles from Cape Eleuthera Marina, Bahamas: 312
Nautical miles to Norfolk Harbor, Virginia: 402

It’s not fair to say the weather has failed us, it has been beautiful. Sunny, clear, warm, bordering on hot, breezes steady. The problem has been those “steady” breezes have been slow and steady. Enough to move us at 2 to 4 knots. The weather forecasts have been promising more wind “tomorrow” for about three days. We might have to breakdown and motor for a few hours…

Otherwise, it is beautiful, empty ocean sailing. We were visited by a small flock of tropicbirds for an hour yesterday. Also, a very odd visitor, considering we are almost 200 miles from the nearest land: a large butterfly.

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