Stepping on the conveyor belt

Time 26May18, 0830 local
Lat N 31° 59.8’
Lon W 77° 09.5′
Nautical miles from Cape Eleuthera Marina, Bahamas: 432
Nautical miles to Norfolk Harbor, Virginia: 301

Yesterday’s excitement was when we supplied about 15 minutes of entertainment to a school of a dozen spinner dolphin. I think we noticed them first as they were lounging on the surface dead ahead of us. When the boat got within about 100 yards they suddenly darted toward us and set up station bow-riding. They had fun riding along with the boat, we had fun watching. Definitely a win-win for everybody!

Within the past couple of hours we have moved onto the eastern fringes of the Gulf Stream, which is now adding about one knot to our boat speed. For most of the remaining miles north we’ll be riding it for a significant speed boost.

At this point all of our routing models have us arriving at the mouth of the Chesapeake on the afternoon of the 28th.

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1 Response to Stepping on the conveyor belt

  1. Gary Jones says:

    Looking forward to your north bound arrival. Hope to see you this summer. Safe travels may the wind be kind to you all.

    Gary Jones

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