Death to the fouling creatures!


Karen got down and dirty with her weapon of choice (the boatyard classic 9-in-1 scraper) to do battle with the scourge of zebra mussels.  Most of the boat was actually very clean, except for the very bottom of the keel. We might, just maybe, possibly, perhaps, could have scraped some paint off on a sand bar or two…

Karen described the task as more fun and satisfying than “pouring boiling water down an ant hill.” I hear her application for membership in PETA was turned down.

If anybody is wondering, we use SeaHawk BioCop paint on the bottom of the boat to keep the nasty critters from attaching, and have been very pleased with it.


There is Harmonie safely tucked in tightly amongst the other boats.  It’s looking like the storm will be very much a non-event here, but all is safe, and that’s what matters.  At this point we expect to be floating again on Monday.

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2 Responses to Death to the fouling creatures!

  1. Bill Kinney says:

    A chance to have a look at those bits of the boat we don’t normally see, and change zincs. Unfortunately not enough time to get another paint layer on, but that comes later. And you surely know the old cliche: There are old sailors and bold sailors, but no old, bold sailors.


  2. Curtis Hagan says:

    I am soooo happy for your non-event. As for the unscheduled haul out, better safe than sorry? Stay safe.


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