Karen says, “Hay!”


Autumn is here, at least by the calendar.  The hottest days are past, and we are wrapping up a long and complex list of projects. We have finished getting Harmonie‘s electrical system upgraded to exactly what we what, we fixed a leaking hatch, did many minor repairs to generator, and rigging.  Replaced an old and corroded anchor windlass, cleaned, polished, sealed, waterproofed, and organized.  The boat is looking, and working, great.

This coming week we will be visiting with over a dozen other Amel yachts that will be gathering in St. Michaels, Maryland.  At the end of the week is the big sailboat show here in Annapolis.  For us, this year will likely to be more a social outing than a shopping expedition. The last of the shiny new boats are getting rigged here at the boat yard for display.  Overheard on the docks: “It’s for the boat show.  It doesn’t have to work, just look good!”

Once the boat show is over, we begin final preparations to migrate south.  We are still working on our plans for where to go, and when to get there.  We have one or two things to do in Florida, but this year it will be a short visit to the Sunshine State before we head further south and east.

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