An Amel Rendezvous

Amel Meetup

Amels to the left of us!  Amels to the right!

We had a delightful couple of days on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  Pat and Diane of the Amel Super Marmau Shenanigans organized a meet-up of local and “local for now” Amel yachts.  Over a dozen boats attended, completely taking over the anchorage off the town of St Michaels.

A few people we have had the pleasure of meeting before, and almost all of the rest we have “met” online in discussions of issues and fixes for our special boats. Discussions ranged from gory technical details of “How do I fix this?” to cruising plans for the upcoming year, to sea stories about storms, calms, and port calls. Getting a chance to see what other people’s boats look like is also a special treat.  Every one is both the same–and different.

Tonight we are back in Annapolis, ready to visit the boat show tomorrow. There are a couple of specific vendors we have to talk to, but almost no “shopping.”  We are, slowly, working out alternatives for our upcoming winter cruising season.  We will be making our way south pretty quickly after the boat show, weather gods willing.


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