Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

In the space of two weeks, the weather here has gone from, “Doesn’t that breeze feel good and cool?” to, “Doesn’t that sunshine feel nice and warm?”  That can only mean one thing, it is getting to be time to migrate!  The Chesapeake Bay is of course a major stop on the bird migrations of the east coast.  The sounds of large flocks of geese honking their way south is an evocative sound of the changing seasons. We’ll soon be joining them.

We have been working hard every day to get more of our projects complete.  There is one more part with a delivery expected by the end of this week to get our wind instruments back up and talking to the other devices on the boat.  We have had successful major overhauls of a number of systems, and some repairs. We have lights up the mast to fix, and then we’ll be ready to sail again.

Our plans from here are still developing.  In the short term, we will be headed to Fort Lauderdale to paint Harmonie’s bottom.  After that, things get murky!  There might be a business opportunity helping a new Amel owner with a major refit.  If so that might keep us parked in the Sunshine State for a bit.  We are seriously exploring the idea of heading to Panama, south of the hurricane zone, for the summer season next year.  For now, we are going with the flow.

We have updated our tacking website with our voyage tracking, so if you are interested, have a look


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