Progess South

Time 05NOV2018, 10:00 local
Latitude N 33° 08.0’
Longitude W 75° 34.2’
Wind: SSE, 12, gusting 15
Course: 230°
Speed: 5.2 knots
Water temperature: 80.6°F
Nautical miles from Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel: 231NM
Nautical miles to Port Everglades, Florida: 484NM

After a fast and windy day yesterday, and a windy rainy night, we are on the back side of the front. A few scattered shower remain, gray skies, and the waves are shrinking as the wind fades. The air temperature is warm and comfortable, we have shed the layers of warm clothing we needed just two days ago.

The wind direction is not ideal, but at least for now we can maintain a course more or less in the direction we want to go. The weather models are all over the place for the next few days, we have to sort out what we get!

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