Almost halfway

Time 06NOV2018, 14:00 local
Latitude N 31° 39.3’
Longitude W 76° 30.2’
Weather: SSE, 12, gusting 15, Sunny
Course: 230°
Speed: 5.8 knots
Water temperature: 80.8°F
Nautical miles from Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel: 319NM
Nautical miles to Port Everglades, Florida: 383NM

A bit less than halfway as the gull flies, but past halfway in sailing distance. We’ve had more variable weather than in past trips, but nothing nasty. A bit more beating into the wind than we like, but we continue to make good progress. We should be making landfall late Friday or early Saturday.

We are once again in the world of flying fish. We know this because we have found the first one on deck this morning. Maybe tomorrow we’ll get the fishing lines out.

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1 Response to Almost halfway

  1. Curtis Hagan says:

    Why wait? Troll those lines now and thrill your readers with early success!


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