Hurry Up, Everybody!

I know it is unrealistic to expect everyone (anyone?) to care about our timelines.  But sometimes it seems like some vendors are in business just to drive us nuts. Our target date to get out of here and start our path to the Bahamas has been December 18th.  All of our planning has been working to that end.  It seems others are working hard to mess with us.

This is what a $133 bearing looks like. Must be made of something very special.

Today we had schedule frustrations from three directions.  The first is nobody’s fault, except maybe ours for expectations that were too high.  We are rebuilding and powder-coating our jib furler gearbox.  A pretty simple task.  The shop doing the powder-coating took the unit apart, and this morning we picked up the seals and bearings to source replacements. Aside from the sticker shock that the two main bearings for part cost $133–EACH, they are not expected to arrive until Friday. That’s just the way it is, everybody is working as hard as they can to make it work.

The other two issues… not so much.

We ordered some specialized line from West Marine’s website, and at a very good price.  It was promised to be delivered to our local store a week ago from the west coast warehouse. A few days ago, we get an email.  It has been delayed–arriving Dec 18.  Argh. Having been down this road before, I predicted that the special price stock had gone, and the order would be cancelled.  Karen, believing the best, called customer service and was assured that it would arrive Dec 18, at the latest. Today, we were in the local store, and Karen, on a whim, decides to check to see if our order might have arrived ahead of schedule.  The store staff checks on it, and says, “That order has been cancelled.”

Four hours later, and three phone calls… Karen is still on the phone trying to straighten it out. I would get to say, “I told you so,” if I was that kind of person that would say such a thing, but I am not that kind of person, so I won’t. Say such a thing.  Nope. But I do know Karen, and she will get us the stuff we need, when we need it at a great price.

If you are going to ship me a motor that weighs 40 pounds, please pack it better than this!  And as an extra, special  bonus, please send me the right one!

The 24 Volt motor that runs our reverse osmosis water mater got a salt water shower some time ago when we had a leak in the system.  Now a bit rusty and corroded, we figured getting a replacement now was a good idea instead of waiting for it to fail in a remote place.  We ordered one last week. A box arrived today, beaten and battered, and containing the WRONG MOTOR. Now we have to deal with return authorizations, and reshipments, and shipping damage claims…  

UPDATE:  MROSupply has stepped up and is really doing everything they can to help fix this.  A new motor has already shipped, even before they issued the Return Authorization for the old one.  Hopefully this is one we can check off as a success!

We don’t hate Fort Lauderdale, in fact we rather like it.  We can get every part and service we need here. We know where the good food is, and there are lots of great boat people around to socialize with. But it really is time to go exploring further afield!

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4 Responses to Hurry Up, Everybody!

  1. Bob Johnson says:

    I hate B&G. Had it on Charisma….ooh, too much to tell.
    OK, with that said and after tons of fooling around with nemea sentences as work arounds to discontinued devices that were only a couple years old (ooh, I promised not to go there!), I wonder if you could find the sentence that sends the gps date to the network and turn it off since you have installed the other GPS as source. ZDA maybe, or RMC? Probably a pipe dream, but…


    • Bill Kinney says:

      Ah, the good old days of nmea0183! So simple and straight forward! Our connection is now nmea2000, a very different beast. Easy to hook up, but most of the inner workings are hidden from us lowly users!


      • Bob Johnson says:

        Oh bummer. I put a nmea 2000 networked set of instruments (to replace the unsupported B&G ones that went balky) on Charisma and linked it to my 0183 gps with an Actisense network converter. Thought I had a 2000 network but your comment and a few minutes research just now shows me how lucky I was it didn’t go completely over to the dark side and what you are up against now that the standard is being fully “monetized”. Best of luck on this. BTW, enjoying your blog now that we’re “land lubbers”. Keep up the good work!


  2. jdkinney08853 says:

    these are some of the reasons I no longer own a boat. Oh yes, and broken trailers, blown tires, broken toes, diesel in the gas tank, etc. etc.

    When I get nostalgic for my boat owner days I remember, and it goes away.

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