Merry Christmas!

Yes, we had expected to be in the islands already!  Unfortunately, a few key things continue to drag on… If we were the kind of people who get frustrated by such things, we’d likely be frustrated, but so far, it’s good! It is fun working with Karen to expedite the various suppliers.  We do a really good game of good cop/bad cop.

Yesterday I found a minor engine problem.  Easy to fix,  I only need a few parts. Parts that are easily available… unless it is Christmas Week!  There is a chance the local suppliers will have it…

But… all is good now, and will be even better soon.  I have learned how to rebuild the raw water pump on a Volvo engine, we found a few more good places to eat, and we’ll have some friends joining us.  Hopefully, we’ll get our parts in hand quickly enough to  put back everything together in time they will be able to sail over to the Bahamas with us before their vacation time runs out!




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1 Response to Merry Christmas!

  1. Curtis Hagan says:

    Merry Christmas to both of you! Your cruising updates are often the highlight of my day. I hope your upcoming crossing is uneventful except for memorable days of perfect weather, comfortable seas and good fishing.


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