So Nice…

We are now back in a place we left 9 months ago. Cape Eleuthera Marina on the southern end of Eleuthera Island. I am not sure exactly what we did to make ourselves memorable here, but the staff all remember us from last year, and even what slip we were in! It’s a remote resort, and very quiet. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to describe more about it over the next few days.

We are here for a couple reasons. Karen needs a good internet connection to work up her tax information for 2018, and it is a good place to hide while the front rolls through over the weekend.

This is the southern end of the weather system that is bringing snow, sleet, and other horrible disasters to the Northeastern USA. I think remember the New York Post forecasting a “Cold, Snowy, Hell” for the New York area. We watch the news and have a certain level of schadenfreude since we are due for a bit of wind and lows approaching (Horrors!) 65F. When a cold front like this passes by, the wind blows rather hard, and clocks through 360 degrees over 24 hours or so. There are very few places nearby where you can anchor and have protection form the wind from all directions. Hence our “cowering” in a marina.

The good news is that we have an awesome internet connection for the first time in a week, so we can upload pictures from the past couple of days.

Tomorrow is supposed to be calm, so we might get out fishing. Then we will hunker down for the weather, and then, in a few days, continue further south and east.

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  1. George says:

    Good to see a post from you. The last one I saw was like in May! Sorry if we missed you over the summer. Safe travels!


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