Cape Eleuthera

Cape Eleuthera is the very southwest corner of Eleuthera Island. An island that Karen observed seems to have been specifically designed to maximize beach front for the available acreage. Long, and thin it separates the open Atlantic to the east from the shallow banks on the west.

The Marina and resort that occupy this corner of the island are on land that appears to have a long history of developments that either were economic failures, or victims of hurricanes. In its current iteration there are maybe two dozen homes, and a collection of apartments and town homes. surrounding the marina which is reasonably well protected and has space from 30 or 40 boats. When they built the marina, they added a short canal to the back of it so the tide flushes through twice a day. An excellent idea, and it keeps that water in the harbor fresh and clean.

The marina is home to a group of large nurse sharks who make their living by begging for scraps at the fish cleaning stations.

The beaches on both sides of this narrow peninsula are favorites of shellers. There are very few people combing the beach so it is practically virgin territory.

This morning the weather had cleared, and the wind calmed a bit, and Karen set off on her explorations as the tide dropped.

The shells are present in amazing abundance and variety.

Although the weather has calmed a bit, the wind is not cooperating with us as far as direction goes, so we are going to alter plans just a bit and detour about 20 miles the the southwest where the Exuma Island chain beckons. We’ll be heading there in a few days as the next weather passes by. We passed through there two years ago, and there are a couple of places that are on our “must see again” list.

We have also updated our “where are we now page” with our most recent travels.

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