Highborne Cay

Yesterday was one of those rare days where all of the weather models got it wrong.. Forecast was for 10 to 13 knots, In the afternoon the actual was more like 20 to 35. It wasn’t a big deal for us, we had the foresight (OK, luck!) to have come into Highborne Cay Marine first thing in the morning before things get really exciting. The weather was the talk of the docks today.

Highborne is a small marina associated with a small, and very high end resort. They have a Seaplane dock and helipad. The only way to get here is a chartered aircraft or boat. The only things on the island are about 8 cottages, the marina and associated amenities for guests and staff.

Many of the boats here are quite large, greater than 100 feet.

Karen needed to check out the beach cabanas.

All of them…

In the “Old Days” one of the most important things an island could have was an easily accessible source of fresh water. An island with a spring was a draw for passing ships looking for fresh water, and sometimes a lair for pirates looking to relieve such ships of their valuables.

When we arrived here, the map of the resort indicated they had a spring on the southern end of the island, and we flagged it as one of the potential destinations for our daily walks.

Without really planning it, on our first stroll we came across the sign directing us to the spring. Actually, to “Da Spring” down the hill…

We followed the path down to the beach…

Where another sign made sure we’d find the way…

Karen is excited about following the next sign’s direction back into the woods…

Where we found….

The Spring!

What? You were expecting water?

We should be out of here tomorrow, with favorable winds (we hope!) for travel south. Our planned destination is Conception Cay. An uninhabited island that is part of the national park system.

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