And We’re Off Again!

The strong winds left over after the passage of the cold front a few days ago are finally dying down. Instead of the 25 to 30 knots we have been getting for the past few days, it is dropping down to 15 knots. Perfect sailing weather! I have be accused of selective editing when so many of my posts include the phrase, “Another perfect sailing day!” The fact is, it is not an accident, or good luck. Without a firm schedule, we can wait, safe and hunkered down until the weather suits us.

Tomorrow we will head over toward the Exuma Island chain. It is only about 30 miles away across the deep water of the Exuma Sound, about 4 hours sailing. We’ll be in the neighborhood of Highborne Cay, where we will entertain ourselves until we get a good weather window for heading east again. Two years ago we found a couple beautiful spots in the Exumas, I’m guessing a few more will be found this time.

Since photos are always popular, here is a small collection….

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