Welcome to DC!

Today we set a record for the greatest number of miles we have ever done in Harmonie, nonstop, under engine. About 75 nautical miles from our anchorage near the mouth of the Potomac, up to downtown Washington, DC. There are relatively few places to anchor a boat the size of Harmonie on this river, so we needed to make it all in on day’s run. We got underway at 0630, and tied up in DC at 17:30.

How calm was it today as we motored up the Potomac? Really calm…

For most of its length, the Potomac is a rural expanse of wooded shorelines, sprinkled with the occasional small town of large homes. It seems every single structure on the river with a scrap of horizontal surface has a nesting pair of ospreys. It wasn’t so very many years ago that these were rare birds, here they are more common than seagulls.

Osprey nests are huge piles of sticks that the same pair return to year after year, adding to the pile each breeding season.

One of the landmarks as you approach DC is the stately plantation house at Mount Vernon, home of George Washington.

The architectural masterpiece that is Mount Vernon.
As a boat who’s real native environment is the open ocean, Harmonie doesn’t often share water with boats like this…
On final approach to the Capital City, was Harmonie, and the air traffic in to Washington National
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