A Capital Idea

Coming up to Washington DC has proven to be a great side trip. The marina is right in the middle of one of DC’s newest growth neighborhoods, and is just a few minutes walk from the National Mall. Five minutes by foot from the Jefferson Memorial, and 20 from the US Capital.

The Wharf Marina is handy, and mostly OK. It has some rough spots. The transient docks are literally a mile away from the office, and get very little attention. The restrooms and showers are funky. The only laundry is all the way over at the office. Not really very helpful.

It is also a corporate owned marina, staffed with people who are very nice, but really aren’t “boat people” with all the arcane knowledge that comes from a lifetime around the water. On the other hand, it has the “location, location, location” part down pat!

So far we have “done” the National Botanical Garden, the Library of Congress, the Air & Space Museum, and miscellaneous other monuments. More awaits…

If you have an Amel, you might be interested in checking out my newest project post. A couple months after the fact, but better late than never! Fixing a Cracked Mainsail Foil on a Super Maramu

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