Waiting, and Working

We have been making good use of our time while waiting for the fabrication of our jib jurler parts to be completed.

One thing that has been our our “wish list” for some time has been improved lighting for the engine room. The original arrangement of two dome lights just didn’t cut it. No matter how bright, in such a complex space two point sources of light cast shadows everywhere. So now we now have a string of LEDs that wrap all around the engine room that provide bright, shadow-free light to all corners of the space. Flashlights no longer needed for every maintenance project! A great improvement, and cheap too!

Taking advantage of the newly upgraded lighting, it is also time to replace our Volvo engine’s timing belt. Timing belts are a required maintenance item on many engines. On this engine, it turns the cam shaft and the fuel injection pump and keeps them in exact synchronization with the crankshaft. If the timing belt was to break while the engine was running, the valves would be coming down, while the pistons were going up, and the resulting collisions usually turn the engine to a pile of scrap metal. This is a part you definitely want to replace BEFORE it fails.

The replacement turned out to be (mostly) a pretty simple project thanks to the great access to the engine in Harmonie‘s engine room. Once I get the new alternator belts installed tomorrow I can hopefully pronounce this project finished.

In addition to her other many boat maintenance projects, Karen has been working on an Art Project entitled, Wildlife with Toes. Last year she got a picture of one of the local river otters right at the marina bulkhead where she was standing.

OK, it’s not the best picture of a river otter ever, but it was taken at dusk with a phone, and how many pictures of a river otter do YOU have in the same frame as your toes???

So far this year she has added a black-crowned night heron, and a banded water snake to the series. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

Black-crowned night heron–with toes!
Banded water snake–with toes!
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