Back in the big city…

We are patiently (not!) waiting for out package of pump parts to clear Canadian Customs. With no way of knowing when the wheels of bureaucracy will finish turning, we have decided that they will get here when they get here, and if we miss them, we’ll pick them up from the marina on our way back south. So we have stopped back in Halifax to fill our boat for a few weeks away from easy supply.

Passing over the shoals at the enterance of Halifax Harbour the sonar was lit up with so many fish that we had to stop and see what we could see. It took no time at all to discover that the fish were dense schools of “harbour pollack,” which is a polite way to say, small pollack. So many fish, they literally fought over who had the priviledge of biting the hook. We did finally land a cod of a size sufficient to grace our chowder pot for dinner.

We spent the last two nights in an anchorage called “Rouge’s Roost” a small, beautiful, quiet, bay with the narrowest opening we have ever piloted Harmonie through. It was on the very fringes of cell coverage, so we had no practical internet connection while there, which was its own kind of delightful. Back at the bustling waterfront of Halifax, the contrast is entertaining!

Photographers do not call it “Golden Hour Light” for nothing!
“Sisyphus was here!”

Next week–weather permitting–we will be visiting Sable Island. An adventure we are very much looking forward to.

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1 Response to Back in the big city…

  1. George Combes says:

    Its a shame we missed you. We circumnavigated most of Nova Scotia 03 Aug -11Aug. We drove thru Halifax on 07Aug but decided not to stay there when we hit rush our traffic and instead spent a few days at the infamous Oak Island Resort near Chester. The land is beautiful and the drive on the Cabot Trail amazing. Hope you continue to have a great summer. Let us know if you are stopping in New England on the way back, we might be able to meet up with you. George


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