Seals! and Eagles! and Loons! Oh my!

As we have made our way further north and east along the coast of Nova Scotia every place we go is prettier than the last. The geology changes at Halifax. Halifax harbour is actually a fault that separates the solid granite ledges of the south from the shale and red dirt of the north. There is still a lot of granite here, but in the form of isolated boulders carried from some remote locations by the glaciers of the last ice age.

The large Gray Seals are commonly spotted lifting their heads high out of the water to get a good look at us from what they consider to be a respectful distance. A number of Common Loons have moved out to the saltwater bays after finishing their spring breeding season in the fresh water lakes and ponds. At dusk their strange and haunting calls echo across the water. Bald Eagles are a common site roosting in the trees.

Right now we are the only boat anchored within sight in Spry Harbour. We’ll be in this area for another day or two as we watch the weather for our trip out to Sable Island. I explored by dinghy today a nearby cove called “The Bawleen” that is poorly charted. It looks like there is plenty of room to take Harmonie in there which is our plan for tomorrow.

We share the bay with a group of four or five Common Loons.
You haven’t been to Canadian Maritimes until you get a picture of a Bald Eagle.
There is a small village on shore with some very traditional architecture. As I write this on Sunday evening, the church’s bells are ringing.
…and some buildings seem to have been designed by an architect who might have paid a little too much attention in his cubist-modern class.
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