The Bawleen

The Bawleen is a beautiful bay enclosed by three islands at the entrance to Spry Habrour about 50 miles east of Halifax. I haven’t found any derivation of the name, but it has the ring of a Scots word, as so many place names here do.

The entrance is difficult, but we carefully surveyed it by dinghy and found our way in without a problem.The bay is probably 20 acres in size with a large population of birds, and about 50 seals. One thing almost totally missing is… fish! The seals eat just about everything that swims in. The pictures below can not begin to do the beauty of this place justice.

Today we moved to the Sheet Harbour on the shores of which is the town of the same name. We are here because it is the closest grocery store for 100 km. We’ll be shopping tomorrow to refill our stocks for our weather-delayed trip to Sable Island. The weather is settled back down again, and looks perfect for leaving to the island on Sunday morning. It will take us about 24 hours to get to the remote island were we will stay for 3 or 4 days, or until the weather chases us away!

Lush growth of midsummer in the north.

A common loon.

Just a few of the Gray seals that call this bay their home.

Harmonie in The Bawleen.

Low bush blueberries are everywhere.
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