We are almost as ready as we will ever be. We are about 36 hours from the first touches of Dorian. Right now it is dead calm, quiet, and clear. Harmonie is settled in to a narrow shallow cut off the main lake. She has our 110lb main anchor off the bow, our 88lb spare anchor set off the stern, both set hard and deep into muddy clay. She is tied to each shore by a multiple of lines. As much of her gear as possible has been stripped off to reduce windage. She is as safe as we know how to make her. For the duration of the storm we will be staying at a friend’s house high on the hill overlooking the anchorage so we can keep track of our girl. We will be safe, and we expect Harmonie to be as well.

Located here far in from the ocean we have few hazards to deal with. The will be no large waves, no significant storm surge. The steady winds will be below hurricane strength, although we might see significantly stronger gusts. The expected heavy rains really aren’t a concern for us. This far north, the storm will be moving very fast, so will be rather short in duration.

Wireless internet connectivity here is very marginal, and the chances of the local neighborhood keeping power are probably slim. We’ll do our best to post our status right after the weather passes, but it might not be possible.

Now, a word about the people here in Atlantic Canada. Nowhere we have ever been–anywhere–has friendlier people. It is literally true if you ask them directions to the store they will hand you the keys to their car. Ask to borrow a shovel, they’ll dig you a hole. If you ever doubt the basic goodness of human nature, spend some time here.

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1 Response to Ready!

  1. Nicky & Tom says:

    I’m glad Harmonie is secure and you have a good place to stay on shore. Stay safe you two!


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