Just waiting…

Harmonie secured in Cape George Habour

We were talking earlier today about the “good old days” of sailing. Back when we mgiht have heard that there was a hurricane that had hit the Bahamas last week, and this morning it was a bit cloudy and breezy, then… SURPRISE! Maybe they weren’t so “good” after all! A week of preperation was a good thing.

Right now here in the early afternoon we are watching the winds build and the first spits of rain fall. Its very hard to figure out exactly what we should expect, since the terrain here has such a big impact on the wind strength and direction, but so far it looks like the storm will pass to the west of us. That means stronger winds, but from the south which is what we most prepared for, and a bit less rain than the other side of the storm.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow we’ll be setting Harmonie up to be sailing again.

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