A fast and fun start!

20:00 local, 13 Sept 2019
Lat: 43 34.3’ N
Lon: 64 42.8’ W
Weather Clear, wind 2 knots, NE
Water temperature 60F/Air temperature 63F
Course 253M
Distance from St Peters Canal Entrance: 205 NM
Distance from Delaware Bay Entrance: 547 NM

Upon leaving the canal at St Peters we were treated to a delightful sail as brisk northwest winds pushed us along on a fast broad reach. For all of the afternoon and night, and much of today we blasted along at speeds from 7.5 to 9.5 knots. Of course all good things must come to an end, and the wind has died to a zephyr, but we made over 25% of our ocean passage in a fast 24 hours.

Our destination is Annapolis, via the Delaware Bay and C&D Canal, and our plan is to go straight on through until we get to the Chesapeake Bay. We are carefully watching the path of the depression that is forecast to become hurricane Humberto. Right now, it is forecast to stay well south of our track, but if that should change, we’ll have many places along the coast we can put in until it is out of the way.

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