Fast is Fun

21:00 local, 14 Sept 2019
Lat: 42° 13.4’ N
Lon: 67° 16.1’ W
Weather Clear, wind 16knots, SE
Water temperature 63°F/Air temperature 66°F
Course 253M
Distance from St Peters Canal Entrance: 344 NM
Distance from Delaware Bay Entrance: 409 NM

We just crossed the international border, and are back in the waters of the USA, and moved from Atlantic time back to Eastern time.

We are watching a great example proving that cliche of “the grass always being greener” has a lot of truth to it. Lined up fishing within yards of the Canadian side of the line are Canadian flagged fishing boats, while on the USA side, the American flagged boats are doing exactly the same thing. I am sure each captain is certain in his conviction that there are more fish on the other side!

After motoring last night the wind picked up this morning and we have had another beautiful sailing day running pretty steady at over 8 knots. We were visited by large schools of dolphin, and during one calm spell we stopped and in short order caught a cod and a haddock for the freezer.

The weather forecast continues to look great for the rest of our voyage.

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