Almost Ready!

We are getting ready to shove off on our annual migration to points south. If the local weather forecasts are to be believed, we are none too soon either, with temperatures falling into the 30’s in the next couple of days. Our insurance company date for our earliest arrival in Florida is November 1, and we will probably be a week, or maybe two behind, that.

Harmonie at Burt Jabin’s Yacht Yard docks itching to get blue water under her keel again!

As usual, our October entertainment here in Annapolis has a lot to do with the boat show and the efforts to get boats ready for display and delivery to new buyers. Just by way of example, there is a brand new, large, sailboat, in the million dollar price range, that is being rigged for its buyers in the slip across from us. I watched the dealer’s crew load the new anchor chain on the boat. As they used the windlass to pull the new chain on board, the chain kept jumping out of the “gypsy.” It was the wrong size. It will be a rather unpleasant struggle for the new owners every time they go to pull up their anchor, especially if they are not experienced enough to recognize the problem.

We have had our own problems with parts. The exhaust elbow on our 1996 generator had sprung a leak, and began spraying salt water into the engine room–fortunately missing critical bit and pieces. I patched it temporarily, and then we went looking for a replacement.

We quickly found out that this part is categorized as “obsolete” by Cummings/Onan, and their inventory is limited. REALLY limited, there is ONE in the USA. Supply and demand dictate that the price for this one small part range from $1600 to $2500 depending on which dealer you talked to–all for exactly the same individual piece! Since that is about 10% of the cost of a whole new generator, other options are needed. We had a local welder put a more permanent patch put on our old one and are exploring a couple alternatives for the sourcing a new one. We’ll report on how those work out as we learn more. Stay tuned!

We should have the generator back together on Nov 2 or 3, then we’ll begin our run down the Chesapeake Bay toward Florida as soon as weather is conducive.

Meanwhile, we are working on staying warm!

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