Weather Windows…

We are now ready to go south… but we are watching the weather really closely. For the next three or four days all the weather models agree that good weather for sailing will prevail, if a little bit colder than we might like.

You might imagine there is a “but” coming, and you would be right… At the end of the week–while we would be out in the middle of the ocean–things change dramatically with ONE of the weather models. It shows a large, and very nasty, storm developing quite quickly off Cape Hattaras. This is the kind of weather that we work very hard to avoid.

One model is forecasting a rapidly growing Nor’easter along our route south. The kind of storm that is now popularly called a “bomb cyclone” and not weather we want ANYTHING to do with.

Despite the lack of consenus between the models, we are going to take it slow, and stay in the bay until the situation is clearer. If nothing else, we’ll be at the dock for the next day or two plugged in to power so we can run out heat for a couple very cold nights.

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2 Responses to Weather Windows…

  1. James Alton says:

    Bill, A good call IMO. The worst weather I have ever encountered was sailing from Charleston to Florida during December and it was a Noreaster, nothing to be trifled with! All the best, James


    • Bill Kinney says:


      Thanks for the comment. I read “The Perfect Storm” and that is as close to one of these weather systems as I ever want to get!

      This time of year can be a challenge, but we have had good luck by waiting as long as needed, and when things look good not hesitating!



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