2019 Harmonie Service Awards

You will (almost!) never read here bad things about a business we have had dealings with. We prefer to say nothing if we have nothing good to say. On the other hand, there really are some great businesses out there who stand out from the crowd, and they deserve a bit of praise. None of the businesses on this list have given us any promotional consideration, they are just good outfits who did a good job for us. With that said, here are businesses we dealt with this year that we can wholeheartedly recommend, in no particular order:

P&S Yacht Services. http://www.psyachtservices.com

There are not a lot of people we would trust to cut our boat open like this…

Based in the yard at Lauderdale Marine Center, Silvio and his son John have been on our “A-List” for years. They work hard, they do excellent work, and their prices are fair. For painting, fiberglass, and miscellaneous boat detailing services these guys are first class. We are not their biggest customer, by any means, and we always try to be as flexible with scheduling as possible. In return they take very good care of us. Unlike many of the boat service companies we see, Silvio has a full-time, year-round, staff of knowledgeable regulars who work on our boat year after year.

Karen and “Rosey” Rosete (954)336-3711

Karen and her husband “Rosey” do free-lance varnish and paint work here in Fort Lauderdale. They tackled a delicate refinishing job for us and did a great job at a great price and, as an extra bonus, they are great people to deal with. If you have varnish or paint projects, call them!

Transmission Marine, Inc. http://marinegears.com

This is a business run the way businesses should be. When you call, a real live person answers the phone. They call back when promised. They have technical experts who know their stuff and take the time with you to actually help by phone and email. All that, and the price they gave us for our new transmission was at least 15% lower than any we could find.

If you need a new transmission, or any kind of part for your boat’s transmission or drive train they should be on your list to call first. If nothing else, visit their webpage for the best guide to how to properly align an engine and transmission you’ll find anywhere.

Everglades Diesel http://evergladesdiesel.com

There is a sign outside the front door telling you to leave your parts for service in the cart. I had never seen this before, but what the heck… they asked, so we dropped the bag with the turbocharger we brought for rebuilding in the cart, and walked in.

Once we got inside, it became obvious what was going on.

They do not want any of your greasy, dirty, engine parts in their shop! This place sparkles. Bright and clean–like doctor’s office clean. There is a shelf of rebuilt injection pumps and turbochargers waiting for customer pickup that looks like a row of surgical instruments.

The rest of the shop all looks like this. This is really something to look for when you want a shop to work on something as sensitive to dirt as a diesel injection pump.

Our turbocharger came back to us looking like a factory new part. Years of accumulated carbon and rust on the exhaust side were gone. The rotor spun on new bearings smooth and free. A factory quality paint job was the cherry on top.

It saved us a significant amount of money over a new part, and it should be good to go for years.df

The picture is of Joe with our rebuilt turbo. I offered to arm wrestle him for a discount, but he chickened out!

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