Keeping the engine ticking

We arrived here in Fort Lauderdale knowing we needed either a new or rebuilt transmission. That was as expected. Getting a new one was the cost effective thing to do. Of course, it’s a boat, so there is ALWAYS something else to do.

Removing the old transmission meant moving the engine a few inches aft. This was pretty easily accomplished with a small bottle jack. One of the things I found as I moved the engine was the bolts that held one of the mounting feet to the block were loose–very loose. That is not good at all. It is possible that the failure of the transmission seal was due to excess vibration from this cause. This wasn’t something on my routine check list, but if you learn from others, maybe you should add it to yours!

The engine installation on an Amel Super Maramu is totally different than on any other boat I have seen. The engine bolts to a galvanized steel frame, and that frame in turn rests on flexible engine mounts. That style of installation made this job really easy. No lifting of the engine, just an easy slide along the frame. Since the transmission was a like for like replacement, it was a very simple job just putting everything right back where it came from.

As part of the process, it was easy to pull the exhaust elbow and turbo charger for inspection. More fun… the exhaust elbow needed replacement, and the turbo needed rework.

We got a shiny new stainless steel exhaust elbow from HDI Marine. Not cheap, but half the cost of a cast iron one from Volvo. Everglades Diesel rebuilt our turbo, and that is good. Add a couple feet of new exhaust hose (at $40 a foot!) and Harmonie‘s intake and exhaust system are as good as new.

Today we got everything finally reconnected and bolted down where it should be, and fired things up again. Our old Volvo is running smooth and happy.

We are still working on the final details of the new window install. We are past the hard and messy parts of that job, and are on the tedious and time consuming bits. It is REALLY looking good!

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1 Response to Keeping the engine ticking

  1. Gesar says:

    Amel certainly have their own way of doing things ! Does anyone have the specs for the rubber engine mountings for an SM 53 Volvo 80hp ? Thanks


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