And This Too Shall Pass…

Isaias, that is.

We are in a marina in Hampton, VA hunkered down for the arrival late tomorrow of the latest tropical storm of the season. Right now Isaias is forecast to run right over the top of us on Tuesday afternoon. The boat is tied up in a cat’s cradle of lines, and we have removed anything loose or vulnerable from the deck. Once we finish our last minute preparations tomorrow morning we have a local hotel room to check into.

The good news is the storm has never really developed into a large and extra powerful storm. No local evacuations or other serious precautions have been called for. Despite all this, a storm like this is still worthy of respect. Right now, we are probably the best tied up boat in the marina!

When in a marina, the most dangerous thing that boats experience in a serious tropical storm is the rise in water level. In the most severe case, this can actually lift the docks up off the pilings that hold them in place. The forecast storm surge for our location is minimal, only a foot or two, so we’re pretty comfortable that we are safe and secure.

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1 Response to And This Too Shall Pass…

  1. bradford simms says:

    Sounds like you have things well in hand, the biggest danger I see here is other boats not secured well go crashing about unattended. You posted recently on the need know STW in addition to a SOG GPS . I found the Knott Stick, a tow behind device that will do the trick for $50. Been selling them since the 70s so well tested.
    Best of luck in the blow.


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