Now that that’s over…

The weather event that was tropical strom Isaias has blown on through, with the center of the storm just a few miles to the west of Harmonie’s location. Damage here in Hampton, VA was minor. In our marina one or two boats broke loose, but didn’t get into TOO much trouble, a few rubbed up on the dock to the detriment of both, but that was about it. Peak winds were between 60 and 70 knots, without much water level change.

We are getting good at this hurricane prep. It is something we’d just assume NOT have to do, but in this part of the world, it is just a fact of life. The more we see, the more clear it becomes that the real danger to your boat in a serious storm is the OTHER boats!

Here in this marina, I have to say nobody prepped a boat better than we did. About 10% of the other boats did almost as well. Another 60% did something. But, about 30% of the boats did absolutely nothing to prepare for the storm. I don’t know if it’s ignorance, sloth, or just a lack of care, but there are an awful lot of people who own boats who just should just stick to golf as a hobby.

We have a few business things to take care of in the next day or two, and then we’ll be out in the ocean, where we belong!

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2 Responses to Now that that’s over…

  1. James Alton says:

    Bill, Glad to hear that the storm didn’t bother you much. It was even weaker when it moved up the Florida coast, we had hardly anything in Titusville. Yes, you clearly know how to prepare well for a hurricane, your insurance company should take notes! Keep having fun. James


  2. says:

    Well done! Sail safely.


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