The strangest things…

We do see the strangest things in our travels. This time it is at the boat yard. We are at Lauderdale Marine Center and we just finished our maintenance haul out. Everything from the painting to the work on the drive train to the bow thruster went pretty much as scheduled, and was completed on time.

Usually it is the huge superyachts here that attract our attention, but we have become a bit jaded to that, and they just seem part of the routine scenery here. But this… this was different. Parked in the small boat part of the yard, usually reserved for the tenders to the superyachts was an oddball creature..

We all live in a….

If it’s not immediately obvious… that is a submarine. For roughly $3 million you can have one too! The standard version is rated to 1000 feet, and you can upgrade that to 3300 feet for a significant up charge!

Complete with multiple lights, grabber arm, cameras, and room for a captain and two passengers.

It is hard to see in a photograph, but that clear plastic bubble is several inches thick. Pretty amazing. They are built by a Dutch company; U-Boat Worx. If you have a couple million dollars in your toy budget, here is your chance!

What it is doing here isn’t completely clear. From what we can tell, it is not associated with one of the yachts here for service. I have to say, if it was MY 3 million dollar machine it would NOT be sitting on the bare pavement, and uncovered in the weather… but that’s just me.

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