Hurry up.. and wait!

I am pretty sure that is a title I have used before. It is a way of life for people like us living on cruising sailboats. We had expected to be on our way to the Bahamas by now, but instead we are waiting here at anchor in lovely Hollywood, Florida. Trust me, there are way worse places to spend a week or two in the depths of winter.

The primary delay is for ONE more medical test to get a medical sign-off that I (Bill) am good to go. It is the expected result, and this is definitely in the category of better safe than sorry. We’ll be done with this on Feb 3.

Assuming the Doc’s are happy, our plan is to hop over to the Bahamas as soon as we can, and then continue on down the Caribbean islands. If all works out, we will spend the summer in Grenada.

We have once again put out our insurance to a broker for bids. Slowly, the market is getting repopulated as companies that ran like lemmings after the disastrous 2019 hurricane season in the Caribbean re-enter the market. Unfortunately, the new companies that have been presented to us are writting TERRIBLE policies. See here for our analysis.

As always, we have projects we are working on, because they never stop. Both the two of us and the boat are doing well.

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