Back in the USA

We had an uneventful crossing from Bimini back to Fort Lauderdale. Despite forecasts, we ended up with winds that were fairly light, and we motored most of the way. It was a bit lumpy and rolly, but never scary, and I don’t think we ever had water on the deck.

We are currently anchored in South Lake, Hollywood, Florida and are processing a lot of purchases and logistics as we wait for our haul date next week. This is a place we know well, and it almost feels like “home”.

One of the problems we have run into is the City of Hollywood is restricting dinghies tied up to the local launching ramp. They do this because they have problems with derelict boats in some of the local anchorages, and they are trying (with a TOTAL lack of success) to force the deadbeats out of Dodge.

We sympathize with this (kind of). The accumulation of junk boats in an anchorage is a real problem in Florida. But, we are here to spend money and we have a boat that is the very opposite of “derelict.”

Somehow we manage to take the brunt of these rules because we try to actually FOLLOW them. While the derelict boats just continue on and on because they just ignore the rules and the local authorities can’t or won’t enforce the rules they create with an even hand. It seems if you are crazy, stupid, or ignorant enough you just get a pass on the rules because nobody wants to deal with your antisocial behavior.

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