Our “quick haul” went smoothly! The only source of drama was at the very end. The yard splashed one boat and then brought the lift around to pick up Harmonie, a good hour AHEAD of schedule. (When was the last time THAT happened on a boat project??) Unfortunately, the boat ahead of us was having problems and couldn’t get their engines running to pull out of the liftpit! Harmonie ended up hanging for an hour until the disabled boat was dragged out of the way with a forklift. (You had to be there…)

The whole process took just a few hours. It was 6 years ago, almost to the day, Harmonie was hauled at the same boat yard, for the same repair, as part of our purchase. It’s always interesting when such an anniversary is noted how it can seem like this has been our life forever, and it also seems like we just started!

We have pretty much everything back under control, and ready to go. Today is Friday, tomorrow a strong cold front is forecast to sweep down with quite strong winds. We are going to hang here until that passes, then use the North wind on the back side of that front on Sunday to sail down to Key Biscayne, where we will regroup, and wait for the next weather window to sail East.

Hopefully we can be back underway by the middle of next week!

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