We arrived at the harbor in Culebra this morning without further drama.

Motorsailing into Culebra

It’s been about 4 years (and one major hurricane!) since we were last here. From the water, the town looks pretty much as we last saw it. Most structures and businesses are in good shape. The anchorage is busy, but not full.

We had planned on staying here for a few days at least, but we are making changes on the fly. We are going to head over to the main island of Puerto Rico and a marina slip where we can take care of some logistical issues with parts and packages, and also meet up with some friends. It will also be better provisioning at the local Walmart Supercenter than we can do out here.

600 miles upwind reminded us why we really, really avoid bashing into the wind as much as we can! The good news is the roughest part of the upwind work across the Caribbean is behind us. We can now do short day hops from one island to another. For example, from here we can see St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

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