The big truck that can!

When visiting San Salvador, Bahamas, Karen fell in love with the marina’s fuel truck. “Rusted out” is a polite description. Purchased second hand, it began life delivering Aviation Gasoline at an airport, somewhere. Built “sometime in the 1970’s”, it has sat in the open, mere feet from the ocean for most of 50 years. Never garaged! And, yes, it still runs!

It looks like a wreck, but it is a working truck.

Shawn, the caretaker of the International, told me the marina/resort had purchased a replacement a few years ago, but that it didn’t work well, and was too hard to keep running. The old truck’s pumps run on compressed air, and has been easier to maintain then the more “modern” hydraulic systems..

Check out the “safety bars” where the doors used to be!

Yes, it really does run!

While we were there, the truck drove to the Government Dock, picked up a load of 2,000 gallons of diesel, and came back to the marina. It has 3 tanks of 1,000 gallons each, but one has rusted out!

Karen just fell in love with this truck!

San Salvador, Bahamas, International, Harmonie,

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  1. Judy says:

    I see why Karen fell in love with it! What a nice story. Thanks for sharing,


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