Smll Change in Plan

We are now underway. We cleared out of customs in Sint Maarten yesterday afternoon, and were on time for the 10:30 bridge opening this morning. Back out on the ocean, we are headed west.

Instead of sailing straight to the Bahamas, we are making a stop along the way in Puerto Rico. We be spending a little time there helping a client on an Amel54 with some upgrades and repairs. A win-win arrangement. We get a few extra dollars in the cruising kitty, and they get work done without trying to sort out which of the local mechanics actually knows his stuff.

We’ll be arriving at Culebra and checking into the USA there early tomorrow morning. We will be exploring for a few days, then heading to Palmas Del Mar Marina for about a week, then continuing on to the Bahamas.

Right now we are enjoying the delight that is a downwind sail. 15 to 17 knots of wind have us sailing fast and flat. There are some rain showers around but nothing big and scary.

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