Something Time Has Not Improved…

Isla Caja de Muertos, literally “Box of the Dead Island” or Coffin Island is located about midway along the southern coast of Puerto Rico. We were last here in 2017, and the intervening years have not been kind. Ironical, “Coffin Island” is now a Ghost Town.

When we were last here it was a flourishing regional park, popular for its hiking trails and beaches with weekend day visitors who came out in large numbers by ferry from Ponce.

Since then, the park infrastructure was significantly damaged in the two hurricanes that impacted this area. Money to repair was actually allocated by the US Federal government, but the grant expired before the local authorities could initiate repairs. It’s a major loss of a recreational opportunity for the local population.

The ferry no longer comes here, and no caretakers remain. Although the main buildings are mainly intact, the outbuildings and supporting infrastructure were mostly destroyed.

Without regular care, the paths up the hill to the old lighthouse are now essentially impassable to the casual hiker, overgrown with cactus and thorn bushes. The island is slowly walling itself off from people.

On the plus side, the anchorage is still beautiful, the fish still swim, and the turtles still nest on the beaches.

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1 Response to Something Time Has Not Improved…

  1. James Alton says:

    Bill, Your current cruising ground sounds amazing. It is that you know the background. Enjoy! James


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