Our spring project list has swollen, and swallowed us! But not to worry, the end is almost in sight. Harmonie is currently on the hard near Daytona, Florida at a small yard that has been doing good work for us.

Harmonie very much out of her element!

Even though the work list has been really long, the whole project list has been way easier than it could otherwise have been. Our friends Aras and Vickers have been beyond generous with hospitality at their home. The difference between living on the boat up a ladder and at a comfortable home is infinite. Thank you guys!

Here is our project list:

  • Renew bottom paint
  • Replace seals on prop shaft and change drive system oil.
  • New zincs on rudder and prop
  • New anti foul coating on prop.
  • Regrease prop
  • Raise water line
  • Paint new boot strip
  • Service bow thruster lower unit, change oil and seals
  • New lead-in wires for bow thruster motor.
  • Install new saloon air conditioner.
  • Rebuilt aft head holding tank with new seacocks and tank.
  • Remove abandoned keel cooler in galley, replace with seacock and galley sink drain.
  • Remove leaking injection pump from Volvo and send off to have rebuilt.
  • Repair torn genoa sail.
  • Install new navigation computer display.
  • Replace mizzen and mizzen staysail halyards.
  • Rebuild starboard side sheet winch, replace broken bearing retaining clip.
  • Rigging survey for insurance.

I probably forgot at least a few things from that list… In addition to all that we got a long list of doctor visits, shopping and general logistical stuff complete.

As soon as we get back in the water here, we are off north towards Brunswick, Georgia where I have some clients for upgrades and repairs to their boats. All that and a delivery from Florida to Virginia. Then we get to play again!

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3 Responses to The LIST

  1. Richard Gard says:

    I eagerly anticipate each of your blog entries, you two are the smartest sailors on the sea right now. I was wondering why you’re moving the waterline rather than lightening the boat? I know hulls can absorb moisture over the years but would guess that new gear on board contribute more to excess weight over Capt Amel’s specs.


    • Bill Kinney says:


      Here’s a secret: Amel is not perfect. The waterline as painted on the Super Maramu was too low toward the stern


    • Bill Kinney says:


      I have a secret: Amel was not perfect. The waterline on our Super Maramu was too low at the stern, even when the boat was empty of anything. We don’t have a huge amount of “stuff” on board, but we just got tired of cleaning green slime off the waterline. When I compared the painted waterline to the drawings, there was clearly a mismatch.


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