Settled–kind of!

We are a week into our stay in Brunswick, GA. It’s a convenient marina, well kept and well run. And it has happy hour three nights a week with free beer.

We are here because within a few weeks, there will be FIVE Amels parked here (counting Harmonie) and I have work planned on most of them.

The day of our arrival here was a bit more excitement than planned, as a fire raged through a pine tar chemical plant on the other side of town. Fortunetly, no body was hurt, although the dense black smoke rolled over town most of the day.

We have the occasional manatee frolicking in the harbor, and a very wide variety of birds. There are extensive salt marshes, so you have to be aware that early evening on light wind days can result in an invasion of various bloodsucking bugs.

We expect to be here until the work is done, or June 15, which ever comes first. This week Bill is off for a quick delivery of an Amel 54 from Florida to Virginia. Then, we hope to have Harmonie’s bow thruster motor back from the shop, and getting our wood cabin sole refinished.

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2 Responses to Settled–kind of!

  1. Judy Kramer says:

    Looking good and looking happy!!! What fun. Miss you. ________________________________


  2. Rick says:

    Free beer and spring weather in Georgia is heaven.

    Thanks for your blog, I’ve been a reader since you began.

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