Today’s Fishing Quiz

An excursion today down to Pier 38 which is a central part of the fishing business here.  It is where most of the tuna boats offload their catches, and every morning is the site of the only fresh tuna auction in the United States.  Interesting, but we were there to visit POP, a large supplier to both the recreational and commercial fishing fleets.IMG_2190

A big store with great selection and surprisingly good prices.  If anybody has other fishing stores on Oahu they can recommend, do PLEASE post in the comments section!

But today I do have a quiz.  There were two items we came across for sale that when Karen asked me, “What’s that?” the best I could do was shrug my shoulders.  So her suggestion was that we use her pictures on the blog as another “quick quiz”.  I’ll do the “easy one” first..

whatsitFirst picture is a catalog photo of one ready to use, and the second picture is the one off the store shelf to give you an idea of scale…


Based on it’s name, and it’s location in the store and a close look at it, I did figure this one’s purpose and use.  If it helps, the one in my hand retails for $585.00

The second, I confess had me totally stumped.  I had no idea what it was or what it might be used for. This was in the recreational fishing part of the store. If you had told me they would have something there that would leave me baffled as to its use, I would have laughed…


Karen queried the staff and came back with the answer.  I am holding it in the orientation in which it is used.  To help, under my thumb is a ring to tie a line to, and the short pieces of tubing cover sharp points that would be exposed in use.

I can’t wait to hear your best guesses!  Answers posted here tomorrow…


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6 Responses to Today’s Fishing Quiz

  1. James Kinney says:

    and the second – a hook designed to snag something…let me guess squid


  2. James Kinney says:

    I assume it is something to harvest shellfish


  3. Bill Kinney says:

    Well, Kevan gets points for creative vocabulary, and is at least thinking in the right directions…


  4. Kevan says:

    The first is a thingamajig. Its used to pull the wigglers toward the floatydangerthing. The second is a scarlet 3-pronged baityhurtything. It is used to troll for catchywetters.

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